Where are they now?

I go in search of some old FLL friends…

What ever happens to those unofficial mascots of the FLL tables?

You know the ones – the LEGO characters that are part of the yearly mission models and who seem to be universally chosen as everyone’s favorites.

I got to wondering – what exactly happens to them after the season is over?

Are they honored and set on shelves next to photos and awards, or are they lost forever in that  miscellaneous pieces box under the pool table?

What happened to last year’s Smart Move Crash Test Dummy? Was he recycled into a fashion statement?
And where is that cute Climate Connection- Polar Bear? Is he staying cool?
And what about that little white cat from Power Puzzle ? Has she made any new friends?

Let me know what you find.

1 Response

  1. We recycled the polar bear from Climate Connections into last year’s Smart Moves missions: We needed a weight to help activate the mechanism to release the truck, and found that the polar bear worked quite well – He was attached to an arm that smashed down on the gray bar in front of the ramp. Since we had grown rather tired and frustrated with the polar bear by the end of Climate Connections, we rather enjoyed “beating him up” a bit in Smart Moves!

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