One of my favorite ways to help FLL grow is by going to schools and getting to talk with teachers about the program.  So you can imagine my excitement when I got to talk to teachers from not one, but 5 schools today!  We went up to Narrabeen Sports High School to show some teachers from the (NSW) Northern Peninsula schools the 2010 FLL challenge.

After we set up this year’s mat and elements, the teachers started to trickle in.  As they came in, you could see their eyes light up when they saw the LEGO models and robots.  Soon, we were explaining the missions and rules to them and giving them little tips and tricks.  (Like making sure to read the field set up, rules, missions and the Q&As.)  They were hooked.  I think if we had brought more robots with us they would have tried to solve the missions then and there!

Whenever I see teachers like this,  I become even more enthused to continue working on FLL.  Even though they have never participated in FLL before (or even been to a competition…), they are still extremely passionate about FLL.  They see what a difference it can make in the lives of their students.

To all the teachers, parents, mentors and coaches out there who freely give of your time and talent like the teachers I met today, I would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU!”  Even though you may not realise it, you are making a huge difference in your students’ lives.  Keep up the good work!