Does your team need a theme?

FLL team outfits come in all shapes and sizes and can range from the sedate to the wild.

Whether or not your team decides to theme depends entirely on your members. For some teams, colorful clothes and crazy accessories helps make FLL even more fun and exciting. Dance routines and group cheers help some to really get the team spirit flowing.

For others, though, simple lines and no frills works best.

As a coach, don’t try and force your team to be something they’re not. If you have a quiet group that likes mellow hues, don’t force them to wear your favorite neon. On the other hand, if your team ‘really, really wants to’ have balloons on their heads – don’t be a party pooper! Get out the duct tape and join the fun.

I’ll never forget the 2008 World Festival (Power Puzzle) table match between the Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies and the Lego Guards. With the Duckies’ bright yellow shirts and blow up duck rings, they were a team that was hard to miss. The Lego Guards’ denim shirts and Dean Kamen look had a dignified approach. Yet both teams fit the personalities and were perfect just the way they were.