Kick start your project with a field trip!

One of the best methods I’ve found to motivate a team in the project part of the season, is to take them on a field trip.  In fact, the more field trips you can take, the better!

Field trips help bond a team together, and also allow for more ideas to be gathered. More ideas equals more possibilities and a greater chance of coming up with an innovative solution. Last year, our local team had an incredible field trip where they had to communicate with horses and direct them around an obstacle course. The process of moving a horse got them working like a team and also helped them address their project concept (moving information) in a completely new and innovative way.

As a coach, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with a field trip destination. Experience shows that it never hurts to ask. Some of our best field trips were to places that told us “no one ever asked us about having a field trip here before!” Bringing a small group somewhere is definitely easier than organizing a whole classroom, and you might be surprised how willing people are to help you and your team out.

When I asked some former FLL members what their favorite part of the season was, the majority said that it was the field trips.

So, as you begin this new season, think about a field trip to jump start your team to move the body forward.