How to turn the light bulb on

Unleashing your powers of creativity

According to this year’s  FLL coaches’ handbook (page 49) , step 2 for the project is to ‘Create an Innovative Solution’ that addresses the problem. The tip on that same page states that ‘It’s not about coming up with the right answer, but about unleashing the team members’ power of creativity…”

So, how do you turn the light bulb on ?

The following steps might be a good place to start.

1. Define the problem

2. Define the ideal solution

3. Gather all the information you can

4. Step outside the box

5. Go on a field trip

6. Play a game outside

7. Do something completely new

8. Listen to music

9. Let it rest

10. The light bulb turns on!

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  1. After that comes the brain storming rigth ?

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