The venue for immersion day and the Vicorian competition

As a kick-off event, the Melbourne Tournament Partner held an “Immersion Day” to help get the teams off to a swimming start!  All teams in Victoria, the state where Melbourne is located, were invited to attend.  The room was buzzing with excitement as the day started with a detailed look at all of the missions for the robot game as well as a discussion about this year’s research project.


Then, the teams started working.  At the beginning of the day, teams were working on anything from building their challenge set to completing a few missions.  At several different times throughout the day, workshops were held to show the students how to

use degrees to measure distance, how to use the light sensors, etc.  By the end of the day, all the teams had made progress.
Immersion Day was held at the same place the Victoria state tournament will be held, this helped the teams learn the “lay of the land.”

At events like this I am always freshly amazed at the gracious professionalism displayed by team members and mentors.  There were many

experienced teams (including last year’s national champions) helping rookies.  One volunteer even brought extra NXT robots and laptops for teams who couldn’t bring their normal equipment.
Overall, it was a great way to start the FLL season!

Teams helping each other