Yazeed's souvenirs

As we all know FLL is not only about competition but also about meeting new people and building relationships. Exchanging gifts and souvenirs often makes the event even more memorable .Even a small, inexpensive, gift from a new friend has a significant impact on oneself that he will not forget it for a long time. This common activity in FLL opens the doors for exchanging cultural backgrounds from all over the world.


Yazeed Sabri, one of my best students in Robotics, loves gathering souvenirs from other teams. He wrote:


My old brick !

 “We have fun most of the time during the FLL competition. For me, the best time I spend in the whole competition is after we finish setting up our table and start handing out the stuff that we’ve got to other teams like: cards, gifts, souvenirs, etc. Because that is the time that you get to know individuals from other teams and discover their culture (though it sometimes depends on how they set up their table and space). 


Compare between my old brick and a new one
Compare between my old brick and a new one !

Since I have participated in FLL for 4 successful years, my team and I have managed to go to Japan and Turkey where I have collected a huge group of souvenirs from other teams and have added over 100 people from all over the world on my FaceBook account. So now, thanks to FLL, I am happy to see status updates every day from Spain, France, Brazil and Turkey without understanding anything! “   



My favorite souvenir is a LEGO brick that I received, five years ago, during my first LEGO MINDSTORMS training course. Since then, I have been carrying it daily as it is attached to my key chain. It is a pleasant reminder of the wonderful time I had there. Interestingly, the brick has started to wear out! It is no longer has sharp edges but smooth ones.

LEGO should see this!!

If you have any story about any souvenir, fell free to tell us about it.

Thank you Sharif Nada & Khalid Almulla for taking the photos.