You’ve got a great idea – now it’s time to present it !

One of the greatest things about the project presentation is that your students get a chance to perform. In fact, they not only perform, they write the script, build the props, direct, and are the stars!

Over the years I have been involved in numerous plays and musicals — this has allowed me a somewhat different perspective on the project. The project idea and innovative solution is only the first part. Presenting your idea in a creative and fun way is the same as putting on a show, and an exciting presentation can make even the simplest of  ideas come alive.

As your team creates their presentation – you may want to tell them about ‘the great experience’ rule: in order to have a memorable experience, the audience should walk away having had at least one ‘AHA!’  moment, one ‘HA-HA!’ moment, and one ‘AAH!’ moment. In other words, you have to have them learn something new (‘AHA!’), laugh or smile at something (‘HA-HA!’), and have a moment of gratification (‘AHH!’). A good rule of thumb:  if your team has fun practicing the presentation, then the audience will also love it!

Here are some tips for puttin’ on a good show:

  • Rehearse as often as you can (practice coming in and setting up – timed from the moment you ‘enter the room’)
  • Make sure everyone has a part and contributes
  • You’re ‘on’, even when you are not speaking
  • Have fun – you’ve done the work and should be proud of your team!

Now go ‘break a leg’ !!