Are you planning to win all FIRST LEGO League awards?! Do you plan for team work, team spirit or any other certain award?

Recently, in FLL-Open Europe Championship (FLL OEC2010), DAS team from Saudi Arabia has been nominated for five awards. Every single detail of the team’s performance was planned, and how did they do that?! That’s what two members of the team, Yazeed Sabri & Saleem Al-Dajani, wrote about here.

“In FIRST LEGO League (FLL), as we all know, the missions and the project have a great impact in competition performance. Most teams, especially the new ones, focus on these fields of FLL while other aspects in the competition could make a great difference. An important pillar of the competition, Teamwork, holds a great share of 25% of the points

Not all teams pay much attention to carry out FLL tasks together; teamwork is the most crucial part. Teamwork is not about presenting our ability to work as a team during the competition day, it is more about how we interact with other teams- how to make FLL something fun for everyone! All that it needs is a good plan and a lot of preparation by dividing tasks and roles between team members.

The fun between team members in their teamwork may reflect upon others when they visit your booth, which is a special area distributed to each team within the pit area of the competition. Involving participants in some activities you enjoy with your team could rejuvenate the team spirit of FLL. For example, sharing a simple puzzle related to the FLL theme, making enrichment games to enjoy breaks, and cheering with other teams during their round would break the competitive lines that separate teams and redefine the competition from simply winning to contribution, participation, and sharing the fun!”.

          In other words, FIRST LEGO League Core Values practiced by teams construct the team spirit of the competition. This makes it an enriching, enjoying, and learning opportunity for all, and, as said in every FLL event, making “everyone a winner”.