Your team has (or maybe has not) qualified for a Championship Tournament… now what ?

For the past several weeks, many FLL teams have been involved in qualifying tournaments where some of the teams move on to the next level. The ‘fork in the mat’ for all of these competing teams is how they approach the direction their team takes after the tournament is over.

If your team qualifies to move on to the Championship Tournament, what is the next step?

One team I know has decided to take a well deserved break and relax over the holidays. Another team has told me that they are looking at the extended season as an opportunity to focus more time on their project and do more community presentations.

What if your team didn’t qualify? What are they going to do?

One team I spoke with decided to have their “end of season” party and start looking forward to next year’s challenge. Another one has graduated from FLL and are looking at starting a FIRST Tech Challenge team. Yet another team I know isn’t going to skip a beat — and plan to continue with weekly meetings and scheduled presentations.

What will your team do?