A lot of people ask me how easy it is to move from FLL to FRC.  For me the transition was easy and smooth, however I know of students who have had a hard time with this transition.  Recently, FIRST has started helping students with this transition more and more, everything from the graduation grants for FLL teams to this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game.

Logomotion is the 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game.  I would explain it, but Dave Lavery and his crew put together an amazing animation that will do a much better job, please watch it here:

To help make your transition to FRC easier, please make sure you learn more about this year’s FRC game: Logomotion.  One of the things I think Logomotion addresses nicely is the transition from FLL to FRC or FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) to FRC.  With lines to follow from FLL and “minibots” from FTC at the end of the game, FRC teams are looking at strategies FLL and FTC teams use every year.

If you are getting close to the age where you can no longer participate in FLL, I highly recommend going to your nearest FRC Regional Tournament and ask questions while there!  FRC teams love to share what they have been doing over the 6-week build season.  Also, look out for those line follow programs!  The FRC robots will be doing the same thing you programmed your FLL robot to do during the Body Forward season!

Right now, my FRC team (Team 3132, Thunder Down Under) is very busy looking at different line follow algorithms, how to put together a FTC kit, and deciding what LEGO sensors we are going to use on our minibot.  As one team member put it “FTC and FLL are both being integrated into the FRC competition, this enables FRC teams to get more involved with their younger counterparts. This helps to make the transition from FLL upwards to FRC a much easier process.”

So, FIRSTers, let’s “do the Logomotion” together!