Kids’ Choice Awards are as fun to choose as they are to get!

From ‘Best team “giveaway” to ‘Favorite team name’, the Kids’ Choice Awards give teams and team members the opportunity to pick their own personal favorites at a FIRST LEGO League Championship.

Members of Team # 3687 - Robotivity, choosing their nominees.

Teams I talked with at the recent Northern California Championship seemed as excited about choosing the nominees as potentially getting an award.

Kids' Choice Award categories - at the Northern California FLL Championship.

Coordinators of the event made the decision process easy for teams – with 4 computers set up on the competition floor, and a volunteer on hand to help with any questions.

While some teams chose their nominees by having an internal vote, others let individuals choose for themselves.

A volunteer helps members of Team # 6368 - Domo Arigato - fill out the Kids' Choice Award screens.

All the team members I talked with told me that figuring out who to vote for – and filling out the screen –  was one of the best parts of the day’s competition.

Team #1490 - Folsom BrainStormers - filling out the nomination screens.

At the closing ceremony, a total of twelve awards were given out, and recipients seemed thrilled at the honor of knowing that their peers had chosen them.

As one team member said: “That was the funnest award!”.

Scott Brees and members of FTC Team 2848 - Techno Guards - passing out the Kids' Choice Awards at the Nor Cal FLL Championship.
Team #928 - Folsom Cheetahs- running up to get their Kids' Choice Award.