Those of us involved in FIRST LEGO League all recognize the number 400 as the maximum amount of points possible on the table. Making a 400 means achieving a perfect robot run.

I’ve met a few teams over the years that have achieved that milestone, and for  them – putting in the time and work to accomplish a perfect score was well worth the effort.  The sudden burst of adrenaline they experienced when everything went right was their  definite ‘400’ moment.

But, there are other ways a FLL team can experience a similar euphoria.  A couple of years back, I remember a rookie team whose primary goal was to successfully complete just one  of the more challenging missions on the table. When they finally succeeded, they didn’t stop jumping up and down for a full minute. For them, that was their ‘400’ moment.

Some other teams have ‘400’ moments off the mat, through achievements with their project, experiences with their team or in outreach in their community. Although these accomplishments are not easily quantified like points on the table, the outcome was still a perfect run.

What about your team? Have they had a ‘400’ moment?