In Jr. FLL, everyone really IS a winner!

Last week, I attended my first ever Jr.FLL event at the Discovery Museum in Sacramento, California.

Jr. FLL Team Robonnection with the Discovery Museum's Anika Greene.

The Jr.FLL Expo, held at the museum’s new Robotics Lab, was the first event of its kind in the area. Anika Greene, the museum’s Robotics Club Coordinator, was in charge of the Expo and told me that the museum has been working for over a year to build a new Robotics Lab on the museum grounds.  Once the Robotics Lab was completed, the museum felt it was the perfect time to host their first Jr.FLL event.

A total of five Jr.FLL teams participated, with each team displaying their presentation boards and LEGO models with the Body Forward theme. Teams proudly talked about their research, their field trips and their working models with the panel of judges and guests. I was really impressed with the level of research done by these teams for their presentations, their enthusiasm at sharing their findings, and by their LEGO building skills!

Jr. FLL Team - Mighty LEGO League- explain their ultrasound project and Body Forward model with moving parts.

Anika says that the museum hopes to make this an annual event and is also planning to put on other FIRST events throughout the season.

Volunteers included a FIRST Tech Challenge team (2848 - Techno Guards). Here they play games with the teams outside the museum's new Robotics Lab.

With a great new venue, the opportunity to share research and meet other teams and share in some fun…. not to mention that every participating team got an award –  for this Jr.FLL Expo, everyone really was a winner!

I can’t wait for my next Jr.FLL event!