A short documentary on 6 FLL team’s project journey

During the Body Forward season, I met with six different Northern California FLL teams and followed them on their project journey. I wanted to see how these teams came up with their ideas, how they prepared those ideas for their tournaments, and how they worked as a team. My goal was to highlight the value of the project, and show that there are many different ways to get everything done.

What I found inspired me: the journey is truly as unique and special as each of these teams.

Much thanks to these great teams, their coaches and parents – for sharing part of their journey with me. Thanks also to FIRST – for giving this project the ‘thumbs up’ and to Playing At Learning (the Northern California FIRST affiliate and operational partner for FLL and FTC)  for their constant support.

A great big ‘Thank You’ to team Techno Guards (FTC 2848) for countless hours of filming and editing!


Link to video: http://fll-blog.blip.tv/file/5034957/

– Heidi

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