Hello LEGO Fans!

Mr. Sandeep Jain
Today I interviewed Mr. Sandeep Jain about his tips and experiences about the FIRST LEGO League program. Mr. Jain is the coach for the “LEGO Surgeons” who got 2nd place in the Young Team Category in state this year. He has been coaching for three years. When asked what he thought was needed to have a winning team he said, “You need kids who have great dedication and attitude. You also need kids who are great team players and the most important thing is you need to Practice, Practice, Practice!” Mr. Jain thinks that the hardest part of the judging for the kids is the Robot Run because it is usually stressful for the kids and anything can happen. He thinks that the kids learn most by doing the activity themselves, asking questions, and trying new ideas. Some tips for newcomer coaches from Mr. Jain is that they should take the coaches training, have a good support system, and make sure to do lots of team buildings activities. He said that his favorite part of the FLL was the whole experience and seeing the kids having a great time. According to Mr. Jain, the team should start having meetings as soon as possible but they should definitely have a full team by August. So that way on the team’s first meeting they can start working on the real robot instead of having to still be looking for a team. Mr. Jain’s Final Words were that FIRST LEGO League is a great opportunity for kids to learn robotics in a fun and educational way.

That’s the story from Aditya Jain.

Author - Aditya