It’s time to make some wild guesses on what the Food Factor Field Missions might be…

Although we’ll all have to patiently wait until September 2 for the official Food Factor Challenge Release …  it’s always fun to speculate! I asked some FLL team members, alumni and volunteers I know if they had any missions they’d like to see on the mat – and here’s a few of the fun and crazy ideas they came up with. Thankfully, none of them are real FLL game designers.

Please note: I don’t have any idea what the official Food Factor Challenge Missions are, and these are only fun guesses!

1. Stomp that Bug!

You certainly wouldn’t want one of these nasty bugs hanging around your food. Each bug stomped is worth a couple of points.

These are really big cockroaches! Better get rid of them fast!!
One down, just a few more to go and the chance to make lots of points!

2. Pick that Apple!

One of the best ways to ensure fresh food is to pick it yourself. Successfully collect the ripe apples and earn more points!

Look at those nice red apples just waiting to be picked!
Careful now, you don't want to bruise them!
Good job! Now put them into the crate and get some points!
Uh-oh! It looks like one of your apples went bad... you'll have to figure out how to get rid of it or risk losing all the points you just made!

3. Wash that Salad!

Before you enjoy that fresh picked salad, remember to wash it well and give it a spin to get it dry! Clean, dry salad equals lots of points.

Load the lettuce from your field onto the conveyor belt.
Tilt the conveyor belt to allow the salad to roll into the water vat.
After washing your salad, give the vat a spin!
Oops, that doesn't seem to be working too well...
Never mind... just scoop out the salad and we'll give you all the points anyways. Warning - water and batteries don't mix, so be extra careful with this mission.

4. Wrap that Candy!

To keep food fresh (and yes, we think candy is food) you have to package it well. Wrap the candy as it comes down the conveyor belt and pack into crates for a zillion or so points. If you think this mission looks easy, check out how challenging wrapping candy was for Lucy and Ethel at the attached classic YouTube clip!

As the candy rolls down the conveyor belt, pack it into the crates.
...maybe the plastic wrap was a bad idea.

Do you have any crazy ‘Mission Predictions’? Let me know!

– Heidi Buck