Are these foods in your kitchen? Really?!?!
By- Heidi Buck

The Food Factor challenge has been released, and as teams start working through the project steps they will soon discover that they need to ‘pick a food’. I may be going out on a limb here – but I’m going to make a prediction that there are some foods  that just won’t get chosen.
Here’s my list:
10. Liver & Onions
(Actually, I like liver & onions – but don’t know anyone else who does…)
9. Fruitcake
(The one that you saved from Christmas 1998.)
8. Corn dog pizza
(Unless you are from Minnesota.)
7. Pigs feet
(If you have a jar of these in your kitchen, we need to talk.)
6. Lutefisk
(Even my Swedish friends don’t eat this!)
5. Chocolate covered crickets
(I love chocolate and all but…)
4. Aunt Edna’s seafood casserole
(’nuff said.)
3. Blood pudding
2. Haggis
(Fair fa’your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o’ the puddin’- race!)
1. Fugu sushi
(One of the most poisonous foods in the world – probably not a good choice.)

If your team is actually going to choose one of the foods on my list – let me know… that is worth a story!