If you’re struggling with the project, maybe try a sillier recipe!

By – Heidi Buck

Recently, I’ve had some conversations with FLL coaches who are struggling to get their teams excited about doing the project. The problem is that these coaches themselves view the project as a boring, schoolwork-like assignment and don’t understand how it can possibly be as fun for their teams as building a robot.

If you are one of these coaches – maybe it is time to try a slightly crazier recipe.

There is nothing in the rules that say in what order the project steps have to be completed. If your team gets excited about creating a funny presentation first – start there. If they come up with a crazy solution in search of a problem – start there. In other words, begin with where your team has the most fun – no matter how silly – and start there. The rest will follow.

If your team doesn’t seem to be able to come up with any funny or crazy ideas for the project, maybe try playing a Weird Al song or two. He’s got a whole album about food and you can’t get any sillier than that!