For anyone familiar with TED, the phrase “ideas worth spreading” should ring a bell.  TED’s mission is to spread “…ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.”  I, along with thousands of dedicated FIRSTers, believe that FIRST is one of those ideas.  TED and FIRST remind me a lot of each other, the both want to make the world a better place using technology available today.  They also share a link through Dean Kamen who has given several TED talks.  For those of you who haven’t watched a TED talk before, I highly recommend you do so!  They are normally short, informative, interesting lectures given by inspiring industry leaders.

Recently, TED started a new program; TEDx. The additional “x” represents an independently organized TED event.  Last week, FLL, FTC, and FRC robots (along with a few humans to demonstrate them!) were invited to spread the message of FIRST to hundreds of attendees.  All the robots and humans had a wonderful time explaining FIRST to those interested in becoming involved.

One of the speakers at the event mentioned that companies today are looking for “T” shaped people, meaning those with both depth and breadth.  It really hit me, that’s what FLL does for students!  You get the depth through your specific robot and area of research for that year.  The best part is, through FLL you also get breadth through all the diverse learning experiences.  Who ever thought that when I started doing a LEGO robotics program it would end up with me writing a blog?  But, as this post is proof, it has!  I have written, acted, programmed, built, painted, designed, cooked, led, and so much more because of FLL!  That’s why this program is so powerful.  It has the ability to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s “T” leaders.