Written by guest blogger – iPura

One of the most valuable things you will ever have in life is good health. That’s why Food Safety is one of the most important things to know & practice every day. Every link in the food chain relies on Food Safety for value, especially you. Everyone on earth shares the desire and right to be healthy, as well as the need for Food Safety.

Farmers and the Environment
Making food for billions of people every day makes a big impact on the earth. Food Safety starts at the farms with Best Practices by farmers that have a responsibility to produce food with safety and health as the top priority. Many farmers, scientists and experts have been working to define “Best Practices” and to share that knowledge around the world through collaboration and communications.

Food Companies
Harmful bacteria and contaminants are the enemy at every stage of a food product’s journey to the plate. For food companies, Food Safety is a matter of success or failure. Today, food is grown in one part of the world and shipped across to the other. More than ever, food companies in every nation must be committed to producing safe food. Value for companies and individuals can disappear here if Best Practices are not used!

Food transportation is a major link in the Food Safety Value Chain. Proper storage, handling and temperature monitoring with “full traceability” at each stage of a product’s journey, no matter how many miles the food has to travel, requires teamwork and communication between many people. Without it, there can be little value in the food that reaches your plate, and so, little if any value for you or the food companies.

Grocers and Restaurants
Major supermarkets and restaurants buy most of the food produced to pass along to the customer. Recently, they have started to require a higher level of Food Safety assurance, environmental stewardship and ethical behavior. Their reputations and success as a business depend on it. By sourcing food that meets all the standards and laws, they can better assure value for themselves and their customers, all of you!

Consumers (You)
Each person must become as aware and knowledgeable as possible about Food Safety. Resources and facts are readily available, and everyone will benefit from forming healthy habits with a “Food Safety Culture” as part of a healthful approach to life.

Costs associated with food poisoning in the U.S. alone are estimated at over $150 billion in lost wages, productivity and hospital visits, not to mention horrible human suffering. Imagine the problem worldwide!

In two simple words, Food Safety, you will find a goldmine of value, value at the heart of a healthy life! Food Safety links us all to good health and to each other! Do you know of anything more valuable than that?!