Written by Guest blogger – FLL Coach John Ahles, Seton Eagles Team #39.

Change a bulb, change the planet. The Seton Eagles FLL® team #39 is excited with the e-watt saver program. Seton Catholic Middle School FLL in Menasha WI is part of the Twin City Catholic Educational System. The team has been selling the e-watt bulbs since they were introduced. FIRST ® teaches Gracious Professionalism™ when competing in the FLL challenge and the e-watt saver program teaches us to be gracious professionals with our planet. By promoting the energy saving benefits our team has raised enough funds to purchase a laptop computer and the new NXT software.

The lights offer a real alternative to CFL’s and are a great improvement over regular incandescent bulbs. We have been promoting them through our school and have put them on display in our FIRST® award case outside the school office. Anyone visiting Seton can see the bulbs and learn about FIRST®. Additionally, our team uses the light bulbs as thank you gifts for meeting with our experts during the project phase. If we meet with a local person for the FLL project we send them a thank you and a bulb.

As a supporter of FIRST® as well as a local advocate for sustainability I am very proud to endorse the e-watt program. FLL has given teams a great tool to raise funds and allow the students to educate others in real energy saving ideas for the home. The e-watt program offers teams the flexibility to tailor program to the individual needs through flexible ordering and fast shipping. Join in the fun of the e-watt program and place an order for your team. It is a Bright Idea for FLL and FIRST®.