Some New Year’s resolution ideas for FLL’ers
By- Heidi Buck

It’s the time of year when many of us (mostly adults) reflect on the changes we want to make… and resolve to follow through on those changes. Most of these resolutions tend to be the same boring ones we make every year, and more often than not – never get completely resolved.
So, I got to wondering, if a FLL’er were to make a resolution- what would it be?

Here are some fun possibilities:

1. Put your robot on a diet
Take a long hard look at your robot  and apply the KISS rule (Keep It Super Simple) – a favorite term used by engineers. Get your robot ‘in shape’ by removing any unnecessary pieces and simplifying the design.

2. Clean out your LEGO box
Think about donating some of your unused pieces and parts to individuals or groups in your community who could benefit the most. In the past, our team   donated parts to newly formed FLL teams that didn’t have any school funding, and to our local Boys & Girls Clubs – making a lot of kids really happy!

3. Volunteer
Even if your team’s season is over, think about volunteering at an upcoming regional or district Championship. Volunteering at a FIRST event is a blast, and for those not quite adult or High School age – get your coach/parents to volunteer and tag along for a super-fun day of cheering on other local teams!

4. Help grow FIRST
Make it a goal this year to get someone you know who isn’t involved with FIRST – involved! It might be one of the ‘funnest’ things you do.

5. Practice random acts of Gracious Professionalsim
Even when you’re not around your team, or at a FIRST event, put your “GP” to work! Practice makes permanent.