Climate Connection Project wins sustainability award

By- Heidi Buck

After winning the Innovation Award for Climate Actions (Children’s Climate Call – Copenhagen, Denmark – 2009)… and having a prototype of their project built by SONY-Europe… AND having it sent to the University of Nevada-Reno for testing in Tahoe National Forest – the long since retired FLL Lego Guard team thought that their idea’s ‘winning’ days were through.
Not so!
In November of last year, the team was pleasantly surprised to learn that their Climate Connection Project (Forest Guard- an early wildfire detection system) – had won the National Energy Globe Award for USA.

The Energy Globe Award for Sustainability was started in 1999, and is considered to be one of the most prominent and prestigious environmental prizes. From all over the world, projects are showcased that conserve and protect  resources or that employ renewable energy. Each year, projects and initiatives from all over the world are submitted to compete for the award in the categories of: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. For last year’s Energy Globe Award, almost 1000 projects were submitted from 105 nations. Among those that fulfilled the demands of the Energy Globe jury, the best project from each nation was honored with a National Energy Globe Award.

Along with this award, Forest Guard was also honored with being one of the 3 nominees for the World Globe Award (Youth Category) – which was awarded to Zambia.

Morgan David, representing the Lego Guard team, at the Energy Globe Award ceremony - Wels, Austria, Nov. 26, 2011

Although none of the Lego Guard team members were able to attend the ceremony in Wels, Austria – fortunately,  Morgan David (Sony Europe’s Divisional Director of Research and Development) who led the development of the Forest Eye prototype, was able to attend and accept the award on behalf of the team.

Closing ceremony- Energy Globe Award

‘It was a true honour to see the Forest Guard project honoured alongside visionary projects such as ‘One Child One Solarlight’ from Ghana and the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust from Zambia. Applying technology to help solve the problems of climate change is at the heart of Sony’s philosophy and the Forest Guard project was a brilliant opportunity to work with a group of visionary children to address the issue of forest fire detection,’ – Morgan David.

Way to go Lego Guards – Climate Connection team!

Your very proud coach –
Heidi :