Adding some ‘Nosh Posh’ to a FLL Tournament!
'Striking a pose' with Judge Advisor Tiffany Strickland at the recent NorCal East Bay District FLL Championship!

With the theme of food, getting into the spirit at this season’s FLL events can be as easy as pie (or a pretzel, depending on your taste…)
At the recent NorCal -East Bay District Championship (held in Newark, California) – the organizers, volunteers and participating teams did just that!

One of the Championship's referees goes over scores with the Sushi Samurai - who won the "Best Costume" Kids Choice Award!

Emcees wore fancy tuxedo aprons, the referees wore chef hats, and Judge Advisor – Tiffany Strickland – wore an authentic chef outfit!
Many of the participating teams sported food inspired outfits as well – from Sushi chefs to chicken hats!

Most people don’t realize that humor isn’t something we’re born with – it’s a learned quality and one that we can help  kids develop. Laughing together is a great way for people to connect, and by getting into the spirit we encourage others around us to get involved, as well as help them have more fun…

And, after all, isn’t that what this is all about?

Team Farm Fowl Robots - sporting their chicken hats!