While you were researching your Food Factor solution, did you have any fun food safety experiments or projects that you’d like to share with other teams? Did an experiment go in a direction you never expected? Share your stories with us! Be as detailed as possible. We’d love to have other teams check out and try the same experiments or project-related activities. Was it fun? Did you get the same results? We want to know! Post your story in the comment section.

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  1. We studied the levels of mercury in fish and seafood, and created an “indicator” system for menus, to assist the consumer in recognizing those lowest in mercury (or, if a restaurant dare, those highest as well). In our attempts to meet with restaurant managers — even with appointments — we were practically chased out whenever we mentioned mercury in fish!

    It became funny eventually, but it was the kind of thing that you would see on the hidden camera news shows! It made it very difficult for us to score well at our tournament — because they wouldn’t cooperate, but showed that what we were doing was more important than we could prove!!

  2. Who knew that horseshoe crabs are superheros? Their blue blood is being used in testing internal medical equipment and injectible drugs for E. Coli and Salmonella…what if it was a put in a common household spray to test your food for these harmful bacteria? We ventured into the world of horseshoe crabs and learned their history and importance in nature and the medical field, and we can’t wait to help in the local research going on. The team will have the opportunity to help with the tagging and data collection of the horseshoe crabs in the Spring when they start to spawn. All this, from Food Factor investigations!

  3. Our team researched spoiled milk. We did a neat experiment for turning milk into plastic. To try this at home, check out our photos and instructions at http://robotwarriors.yolasite.com/fun-and-games.php

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