Is your team a “Green” Team?

A modern-day twist on traditional fundraising methods, the FIRST e-watt fundraising program aims to raise funds for teams with the sale of energy-efficient LED bulbs. More information can be found here. Tell us about your craziest, most fun fundraising ideas!

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  1. We started a fundraiser three years ago that has turned into a community event. We produce organically grown heirloom tomato, pepper, and herb seedlings, then invite everyone to our front porch for our sale. Typically, we have 20 to 30 hard-to-find varieties of tomatoes. We make sure to include all colors (white, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple) and sizes of fruit, and both sweet and hot peppers. Our FLL kids are on hand with their robot. Coaches and parents are available to answer questions about our teams. We also sell lemonade, brownies, and whatever else our families decide to put together. In our first three years, we have made $1100, $1650, and $2380, respectively. Maybe best of all: we are able to donate seedlings to community gardens that produce fresh produce for food pantries. We would love to list other team seedling sales on our web site, Write us for details.

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