Installation 1: Creative head ‘gears’ and a traveling T-shirt design

In my last blog, I put the call out for teams to send me photos of original art created by teams members during their FLL season. This month, I’m proud to present the creative work of 2 teams:

GSJS  Robotics Electro Llamas (3210)

Coach Rich Morgan sent me photos of his team’s great llama and electron inspired logo. His 12 year old daughter – Hannah-  both created and produced the cool design.

But the ‘cool’ factor doesn’t just stop there. Two of the team members (pictured below) have a Dad stationed in the Middle East who couldn’t make it to their Qualifier in December. So – they sent him one of their shirts so that he could wear it on the day of their competition and show his support!

A proud Dad wears his daughter's FLL Team shirt while stationed in the Middle East!

Gears & Chips (6287)

Coach Heidi Burkett sent me photos of her team’s creative hats. According to Heidi:  the team made these cog wheel hats the night before competition. One student came up with the idea to make them out of cardboard, another took a trip to the dollar store to purchase the red paper hat base. Finally they raided the duct tape collection of another student to make them each unique.

What fun they had making these!

Team Gears & Chips - with their creative and individualized hats!
Team member Katie holds her unique 'gear' hat

Thank you Electro Llamas and Gears & Chips for sharing your amazing FLL art work!

If your team would like to be a part of future FLL Art Gallery blogs – please contact me.