It’s that time of year again –  time to make some wild guesses on what the Senior Solution Field Missions might be!

Although this year’s official Senior Solutions Challenge won’t be released until August 28th …  it’s always fun to speculate possible mission challenges beforehand! Once again, I asked some FLL team members, alumni and volunteers I know if they had any missions they’d like to see on the mat – and here’s a few of the fun and crazy ideas they came up with. Thankfully, none of the people I asked are real FLL game designers… and my sincere apologies to Scott Evans :<O

Please note: These are only fun guesses, and not in any way (as far as I know) the real missions!

1. Oldies but Goodies (Option A – to be set by Referees prior to game start)

 How many times have you heard your Grandparents say ‘They don’t make TV shows like they used to!” ? Well, this mission lets them continue to enjoy the classics they love.  Simply rotate the ‘screen’ from Blue to Red for 10 points.

2. Media Modernization (Option B- to be set by Referees prior to game start)

Help your Grandparents stay connected to modern culture by getting them to watch a new TV show. Rotate the screen from Red to Blue for 10 points. (see above photos, and reverse order)

3. Action Auntie

Just because your Great Aunt is in a wheelchair, shouldn’t limit her from staying active in the sport she loves. In this mission, you can help Auntie continue pursuing her passion for the zip line! Maneuver Auntie and her wheelchair from base to the zip line platform and once she’s ‘in’, release the mechanism for a zippy-do-dah ride across the mat.
Getting Auntie and her wheelchair all the way to the other end of the mat will get you a whopping 32 points.

4. Scattered Spectacles

For many, growing older means weaker eyesight and the need for reading glasses. Unfortunately, these pesky spectacles seem forever to get misplaced – so this mission is all about locating as many spectacles as possible and bringing them back to base.

Each pair of glasses brought back to base is worth 7 points
Note: these glasses are also to be used for penalty points – every time you touch your robot out of base, the referees will take a pair of glasses off the field!

5. Renovate my Ride

Uncle sure enjoys staying engaged in World events by listening to the radio in his old truck. Unfortunately, Uncle’s hearing isn’t what it used to be, and his  truck’s speakers are really outdated and just won’t accommodate any more decibels.  Help upgrade Uncle’s sound system for 11 points.

Extra credit: add some flashy spinners to Uncle’s truck for 1 point each wheel!

6. Soda Social

Staying connected with friends is important, and one fun way for Seniors to do this is to ‘step back in time’ and meet at the corner drugstore  or diner for a frozen treat. What could be better than socializing over an ice cream soda with whipped cream and a cherry on top while listening to some great music playing on a jukebox! In this mission, place the cherry on top of the whipped cream in the ‘parfait’ for 12.5 points.

… on second thought, maybe this mission isn’t such a good idea.


If you have any fun and ‘crazy’ mission predictions of your own that you would like to share – please let me know!
Until August 28th…

– Heidi