The Triple F FUN … (First Film Frenzy)

A call for FUN

By- Khaled Marashdeh

My friend Kenny Meesters and his partner Felienne Hermans, from The Netherlands, have started a new FLL initiative for this season. It is all about celebrating the worldwide spirit of FLL. They called it (First Film Frenzy) that is the Triple F FUN.

First Film Frenzy project is a one fantastic video where all FLL teams from all over the world show off their project, robot and core values.

Felienne and Kenny call all FLL teams to participate. They prepared a two-minute instruction video:

Here is Felienne and Kenny’s call:

Calling all FLL teams: Do you also think it is awesome that FLL is celebrated all around the world? That building and competing with your own robot is really cool? And one of the great things about FLL is to have fun with your team members and other FLL participants? Help us to show the world how cool science and technology is, how international the FLL is and how much fun!


Join us by submitting 3 short videos of your teams work, robot and team spirit. We will compile the videos into one large clip showing FLL around the world. Want to be in the video? Grab your camera, your robot and team members and submit your clips to us!

Volunteers, staff and partners are also more than welcome to send in a video, if you love FLL, you can join.


More info can be found at: and join our Facebook page:

 Please join the First Film Frenzy video, be creative, and have fun.

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