FLL Team member creates video to promote next season’s topic!

While many of us are waiting for the August 27th Kick-off of Nature’s Fury to start the season, one FLL team member is being proactive! Adithya, of NXT Terminators, created a promotional video based on clues for this season’s topic with the goal of using it to help recruit new members to his FLL team.

For team NXT Terminators, FLL is a family event!
Adithya, of team NXT Terminators – with Jill Wilker of Playing at Learning

Adithya writes: I participated in the 2011 (Food Factor) and 2012 (Senior Solutions) FLL competitions…. and had a great time with my friends and family. I made this video because I wanted to spread the joy and experience with others and invite them into the experience of their lives!

To view the YouTube video, click here