It’s that time of year again –  time to make some wild guesses on what Nature’s Fury missions might be!

Although this year’s official Nature’s Fury Challenge won’t be released until August 27th …  it’s always fun to speculate possible mission challenges beforehand! Once again, I asked some FLL team members, alumni and volunteers I know if they had any missions they’d like to see on the mat – and here’s a few of the fun and crazy ideas they came up with. Thankfully, none of the people I asked are real FLL game designers… and (once again) my sincere apologies to Scott Evans :<O

Please note: These are only fun guesses, and not in any way (as far as I know) the real missions!

1. Alien Invasion

What could be a worst disaster than an alien invasion! To help save the planet, your mission is to locate the sonic screwdriver and bring it to the little blue box (1) before the aliens exit the ship. Successful completion of this mission is worth 12 points. An extra credit of 42 points will be rewarded if you bring a towel(2), and 51 points if you can program your robot to say “Klaatu barada nikto”(3).



2. Jurassic Jeopardy

The Velociraptors and T-Rex are always trying to get out of their enclosure and wreak havoc, and it’s up to you to stop them! Your mission is to turn on the electric fence to keep this disaster from happening(4), and get a jaw dropping 65 million points.



3. Disconnect Disaster

You’re at your Grandparents house for a visit when you suddenly realize they don’t have internet! How will you recover from this disaster? Locate and successfully connect the Ethernet cable into the port for points. Teaching your Grandparents how to use Facebook is worth 100 bonus points.



4. Your Room

Today, your parent has described your room as a “Disaster Area”.  With this mission, you must put the “garbage” into the trash bin and fit all of your “toys” up onto the shelf. This mission is worth a piece of 3.14159265359 ! Yum.



5. Sharknado

Enough said!



If you have any fun ‘mission predictions’ you’d like to share – let me know!

Until the 27th…..