Søren Thomsen, Head of Educational Concept Development at LEGO Education, took questions from our webinar attendees after his Ask an Expert presentation.

Watch and listen to the question-and-answer session here:

Many comments from the audience suggested some online tools and resources for EV3 tutorials, including the tutorials that come loaded in the FLL EV3 Robot Set software, Carnegie Mellon’s tutorials and STEMcentric’s tutorials.

One team member attending was looking for an opportunity to experiment with the EV3 software. A fellow attendee recommended downloading the EV3 Home Edition software here.

We also received many questions about engaging girls in STEM. Some great advice was shared, but it was a popular enough topic that we will be scheduling a webinar on this subject very soon.

We will be announcing our next installment this week, and are confirming dates and presenters into October. Please note, we will make every effort to schedule these webinars in a variety of time slots to accommodate teams in different time zones.

What other expertise would you like from the Ask an Expert series?