In what proved to be a highly popular webinar, Dr. Woodie Flowers kicked off the official start of the FLL WORLD CLASS(SM) season with a presentation on why he believes the FLL WORLD CLASS Challenge is our most important FLL Challenge yet.

Due to the length of the presentation and the question-and-answer sessions, we split the video into two parts. The first part — which consists of the presentation itself — is here:


The resources he mentioned include:

Humans Need Not Apply
New Media’s Impact on Education Strategies

National Science Foundation Study
“Lectures aren’t just boring, they’re ineffective, too”

Liberal Education of the 21st Century – TEDx talk

Are you ready? Here are the top 10 skills for the future

E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth

Essential Physics by Ergopedia

2.009 Product Engineering Processes

We’ll post the question-and-answer session on Tuesday, so be sure to check back!