As we bid adieu to September today, we know many teams are well under way in their FLL WORLD CLASS plans.

In case you missed it, Lee Magpili presented an Ask an Expert Webinar in September that was entirely geared toward answering rookie teams’ questions. The full recording (about an hour long) has been posted to our Team Resources Page and FLL Global YouTube Channel. You can watch it in its entirety:

Lee answered numerous questions over the course of the hour, including:

1. How to assign work on the team
2. What can coaches suggest to team members? What is allowed and what is not?
3. How do you manage multiple team members doing coding outside of meeting times?
4. How big a role does the adult leader take in the programming of the robotics?
5. What is a good resource for helping a team learn how to program?
6. Where are the EV3 tutorials located?
7. Does the NXT have similar videos and tutorials?
8. Suggestions on frequency of meetings and meeting structure? The coach inquiring was considering methods similar to Agile software development.
9. How do multiple kids learn the software? Do they all have to have their own robots? Is there an ability to code offline or share software?
10. How do you build a sense of “team” with a new team?
11. How might you introduce and teach the Core Values?
12. Like Android, does EV3 have a virtual platform? Is there an ability to test a program on a virtual platform when they don’t have a robot in hand?
13. Where is the balance in teaching basic programming skills and adopting more complex programs that will optimize robot performance? What is the role of mentors?
14. How can a coach help a team decide how many missions are reasonable?
15. How does the EV3 differ from the NXT? How do the different EV3 editions differ?
16. It seems that many teams build robots with swappable parts? Do you have any resources to design a robot that can have its mechanisms swapped in our out?
17. Any advice or tips on managing multiple teams?
18. How do you manage the different age differences and abilities on a team?
19. Any advice for coaches whose teams prefer socializing to working on the Challenge?
20. How do you join one kid’s programs for a mission to another kid’s program for a different mission when they are using different laptops?
21. If you’re a new team buying equipment for the first time, do you recommend EV3 or NXT?
22. How do you know what block to put ahead of another block? How do I link them so they work in conjunction with one another instead of against each other?
23. With a large team and two lead coaches, how many people should assist so things run smoothly?
24. What are the major factors that can change how the robot responds to a program?

For those who are struggling with their Project, we highly recommend taking a look at the official FLL Project Video here. This 20-minute video is an evergreen guide for rookie teams to help spark ideas on how to manage the Project and present the innovative solution at an event.

Our next Ask an Expert webinar takes place at 11 a.m. ET today — and it’s not too late to register: another on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. ET. Registration for today’s event (on engaging girls in STEM) is here.

Following that, we have Judging for teams with FLL Global Judge Advisor Skip Gridley at 7 p.m. ET on Oct. 15. Register here. 

We are looking at scheduling additional webinars to help support teams this year and beyond. What topics would you like to see us cover? Use the comments below to share your ideas.