Our colleagues in Denmark have a unique and fun opportunity for FIRST® LEGO® League teams. Read on for a message from LEGO Education’s community manager,  Jane M. Johansen.

December and January can be two long, dark and cold months especially in Scandinavia and Denmark, where LEGO Education, as part of LEGO, is based. Therefore we want to make sure we are all kept busy inside with fun and challenging tasks. 

In our daily work engagement, learning and fun are key essentials. We see that in the LEGO brick and in the educational material we develop, and we also find it in our online Community, where teachers, parents and FIRST® LEGO® League coaches connect, engage and share with one another. Most of the daily conversations happen between members, and we are also present in the Community to answer posts asked directly to us.  We always invite new members to share what’s on your mind with the rest of the Community members.

We are also very engaged and committed to the different FIRST® LEGO® League Tournaments taking place all over the world, and recently we have participated in the Scandinavian finals, as well as tournaments in Zimbabwe. More will come during spring and we try to follow as many as we can – both via our own online Community, FIRST® and other social media platforms.

In collaboration with FIRST®, LEGO® Education would like to bring some of the magic from the tournaments into the online Community and we are therefore happy to invite you to participate in the Engage with FIRST® LEGO® League contest.

This is a great opportunity for you to engage and share information with other coaches and also to win an entire EV3 Class Set, as well as receiving the awesome Engage with FIRST® LEGO® League Winner 2014/15 badge. Gather information from your latest team performance and upload to the Community, or gather your team and make the challenge together. Remember only coaches can post in the Community to participate.

The contest is two-folded and the first part is scheduled to end January 1st, and will officially end January 30th. The winner will be announced February 5, 2015.

Finally, I would like to share something that has kept a great spirit among me and my colleagues and this is the Winter Holiday Calendar, where we have challenged each other to create stories on top of each other. One team starts the story and you don’t know how it will end. We have had a good time and we hope you would enjoy it too. 🙂

Looking forward to see you in the Community and at the different tournaments!

Happy holiday and best wishes,

Jane M. Johansen
Community Manager
LEGO Education