You may already be thinking about the TRASH TREK(SM) season, or you might just be finishing up your FLL WORLD CLASS(SM) activities. Wherever you are in your FIRST® LEGO® League season, we have a fun Twitter chat scheduled to help YOU!

Join @firstlegoleague and veteran teams Droid Robotics and Ponytail Posse, who will answer questions and share their best practices for how you can walk away from a finished season or prepare over the long weeks until the next Global Challenge Release.

Our Twitter chat will take place from 6-7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 15. Please use #FIRSTQA to joing the conversation.

And now, a little bit about our veteran teams…

Droids Robotics
Droids Robotics is a 4th-year FLL® team from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  We compete under our full name “Not the Droids You Are Looking For”.  We have been honored to receive Champion awards in Western Pennsylvania each year, as well as invitations to two Open Invitationals.  You can read more about us at We love working on the robot, and coming up with a research project every year. But our favorite part is making friends around the world through FLL and sharing our interest in FIRST® with others.

Ponytail Posse
We are The Ponytail Posse, an all-girls FLL team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. We have been a part of FIRST since 4th grade. We started with 5 years of FLL, to this year, our first and exciting year in FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®). Although our members are very different, our team came together because of our common interest in robotics. We love working as a team and we want to continue through the FIRST program as long as we can!