Project Bucephalus

Project Bucephalus is an Australian FLL® team, based in the city of Wollongong (NSW). The team is comprised of home-schooled children (numbers vary by season), and coached by Lyndell and Andrew Clark.

Bucephalus2 Maintaining sanity and good humour during an FIRST® LEGO® League season can be difficult! The Robot Game in particular often requires a brand new way of doing things, one that can be totally at odds with “normal” sports. Training new teams (and their parents) to understand the pitfalls and come to the right perspective can be difficult. But an alliance of Australians and Americans think they have an answer…

Project Bucephalus has been building FLL robots since the 2010 “Body Forward” season. During this time, the team has had some fantastic successes, but also some (very) spectacular failures! Both results produced valuable lessons for the team – lessons which team members started to compile into their own unwritten “Rules of FLL.” These rules were often quoted as an inside joke during the season, but were never really shared.

In 2012, Project Bucephalus had the privilege of attending the World Festival in St Louis (USA). During our trip, we were paired with a local “ambassador” team from St Louis – the Cougarbots from the Word of Life Lutheran School. Barely an hour into our first physical meeting, special friendships were formed, school visits were arranged, and a very special train of events was put into motion. Over the seasons, Project Bucephalus stayed in contact with the Word of Life team(s) as the Cougarbots became Team S.M.A.R.T, and then Team Odyssey! The friendship continues to this day, with Project Bucephalus once again hosted by their St Louis friends for the encore trip to St Louis for the 2015 World Festival!

This alliance between the two teams involved many special activities, including (eventually) the sharing of the Unofficial Rules – to which the enthusiastic Americans added their own points, resulting in a master list which was turned into a video as an inter-team Core Values exercise.

As the seasons rolled on, the Unofficial Rules were tested and quoted on both sides of the planet. As other teams started to use the Rules, Project Bucephalus decided to record the most important for all to share.

You can view the Unofficial Rules of FLL (Robot Game) here. Visit the team Facebook page  and let us know what you think – and pass on any “rules” you think should make the list!

The team is now at work on the “Unofficial Rules” for the Project!
Andrew Clark
“Project Bucephalus” FLL Coach