Team HIPE (formerly FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Semi-Finalist Team Robrostorms) recently got together and brainstormed how the FIRST® LEGO® League Project and Robot game have inspired their innovation process.  They came up with some photo ideas and made props to share with teams around the world.  The coaches helped by taking the pictures.

1. Innovation happens when we are all in the same place of understanding a project, and can think about and discuss next steps.  Our Kanban shows what robot work has been done, what is underway and what needs to be done. Our FIRST LEGO League Robot work has inspired us to organize our thoughts so that we can focus on innovation!

HIPE kanban

2. Innovation happens when we don’t give up — we have the commitment to think of a solution for that problem.  The temptation to give up can be strong, but in FIRST LEGO League, we don’t throw our hands up in the air and just quit!   On our research Project, we keep trying new things and talking through our options until that we have that “Eureka!” moment.


  1. Innovation happens when we are well educated on our Research subject and come together to spend time identifying research Project problems and solutions. Learning about the subject on our own time, forming our own ideas, and then sharing what we are thinking leads to new solutions. Sometimes our thoughts do wander off topic … like when we think about lunch!  

HIPE signs

  1. Innovation happens when, even though we are cheering for different sides in a decision on our next steps, we can respect each other.   It’s hard to put ideas out there if people are going to be mean about your idea.   Innovation happens when we use Gracious Professionalism®, and support everyone’s contributions to the team.  Our team has members from two different towns; sometimes we face each other in soccer games – we use the same spirit. High-fives all around!

HIPE high five

  1.  Innovation happens because we are team of different people, with different perspectives and experiences. FIRST  LEGO  League shows us how different people can bring different ideas together to solve a problem.  We put on our thinking caps, focus on communicating well with others, and work through the problems with our Robot or anything else we need to do.

HIPE thinking caps

 Thanks for your team effort, HIPE! We are hyped that you are hyped about innovation!