Everybody look to the left. Everybody look to the right. Do you see any gaps in representation in STEM programs?

Contrary to what pop singer Jessie J might have you believe, sometimes it really is about the money, money, money when it comes to providing access to quality STEM programs, like FIRST® LEGO® League and other FIRST® programs. That’s why FIRST has partnered with Apple and Microsoft to offer the  FIRST STEM Equity Community Innovation Grant.

Funds from this grant will support communities in providing greater access to quality STEM experiences for targeted students, with an end goal to reduce inequalities, ensure greater access and maybe even make the world dance.

Grants awarded in the U.S. and Canada will range from $5,000 to $50,000 with an average award of $25,000. But don’t delay! Letters of intent are due by March 11.

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