In honor of #ThrowbackThursday today, we’re throwing all the way back to last Saturday, when teams from around the world gathered in the America’s Center Ballroom of the America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, MO, USA, for the FIRST® LEGO® League World Festival Awards Ceremony.

It was a bittersweet end to an exciting week of Robot Game matches, judging, celebration, and lots and lots of funny hats. This past April marked the final time a single Championship would bring together the entire progression of FIRST® programs in a culminating event.

That’s right. If you haven’t heard the news already, next year we’re going to two events. Double the fun!

We’re so proud of all the teams who gathered in St. Louis last week, and so grateful to the coaches, mentors, parents and volunteers who made the event so special.

Many teams and supporters have been looking for a comprehensive list of the teams honored with trophies. While we firmly believe that every last team in attendance was remarkable and a champion in their own right, the following teams and coaches were singled out by judges to receive those coveted World Festival trophies:

Award Name Place Team # Team Name From
Champion’s Award 1st Place 23 The Incredibots Ohio, USA
Champion’s Award Finalist 22993 Mechatronic Ants Pamplona, Spain
Champion’s Award Finalist 23005 Tic Tac Toe Beirut, Lebanon
Coach/Mentor Rev. Athenagoras 22987 Far.Go.Bots Thessaloniki, Greece
Coach/Mentor Hilly Mor 22989 SPIRIT Herzelia, Israel
Coach/Mentor Lori Farris 7160 NERDs Oklahoma, USA
Coach/Mentor Mohamad Beiruty 23005 Tic Tac Toe Beirut, Lebanon
Gracious Professionalism 3rd Place 4486 Robo Whisperers North Carolina, USA
Gracious Professionalism 2nd Place 22988 Nyan Cats Herzelia, Israel
Gracious Professionalism 1st Place 22981 Robobuilders Quaroun, Lebanon
Innovative Solution 3rd Place 20428 Team Gryffindor New York, USA
Innovative Solution 2nd Place 22972 West Linton Wasps United Kingdom
Innovative Solution 1st Place 7160 NERDs Oklahoma, USA
Inspiration 3rd Place 22996 Naxcer Bots Cali, Colombia
Inspiration 2nd Place 9778 Those Blue Girls Pennsylvania, USA
Inspiration 1st Place 7507 Boa Constructors West Virginia, USA
Judges Award 22966 WSK Robotics Hong Kong, China
Judges Award 5072 The Variables Alabama, USA
Judges Award 21440 New Kids on the Bot South Carolina, USA
Judges Award 22990 ROBOSCAVANGERS ORDU, Turkey
Judges Award 22985 Trash Terminator Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Judges Award 22955 China UN Tanshan, China
Mechanical Design 3rd Place 22975 BEST BISANG Ilsan, Republic of Korea
Mechanical Design 2nd Place 22957 #REVELES Air Itam, Malaysia
Mechanical Design 1st Place 22994 FSINGENIUM Team Sarriguren, Spain
Presentation 3rd Place 3888 The Diamonds Minnesota, USA
Presentation 2nd Place 5184 Around the World Robotics Illinois, USA
Presentation 1st Place 22959 Rotatech Izmir, Turkey
Programming 3rd Place 22999 SESI Jedi’s Izmir, Turkey
Programming 2nd Place 163 2nd Life California, USA
Programming 1st Place 51 Not the Droids You Are Looking For Pennsylvania, USA
Research 3rd Place 22973 DYCI BLUE OCEAN 10 TEAM Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines
Research 2nd Place 5878 NeXT Generation New York, USA
Research 1st Place 22997 YPSILONVIARO Sant Cugat Del Valles, Spain
Strategy & Innovation 3rd Place 101 The Boys Texas, USA
Strategy & Innovation 2nd Place 19291 Squirt The Turtle New Hampshire, USA
Strategy & Innovation 1st Place 22974 Team NeXT New Delhi, India
Teamwork 3rd Place 7332 Veni Vidi Duci – Green Wyoming, USA
Teamwork 2nd Place 9891 Penn Alexander Pennsylvania, USA
Teamwork 1st Place 23000 SESI Red Rabbit Americana, Brazil

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