Have you been watching The Fosters on FreeForm *? The FIRST® community has a starring role this summer with both FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST® Robotics Competition robots featured prominently in a STEAM-centered storyline. But we don’t want to spoil anything.

Why watch alone when you can throw a viewing party with your team? Here are 7 ideas for an awesome #omgrobots-themed viewing party for the episode airing August 15th at 8/7c on FreeForm.

  1. #makeitloud. Of course you want to bring your besties from your team, but look beyond the usual suspects to involve some new folks so they can get a taste of how amazingly fun FIRST can be. We bet your team has some great graphic design talent. Whether you go steampunk or ‘50s sci-fi, make sure your invitations reflect the main STEAM-y theme.
  2. Gather plenty of chairs and/or cushions. There will be plenty of time to crouch in those crazy robot-building poses when your FIRST season starts. For now, get comfortable.
  3. Get your decorations on point. From the moment they see your cool robot wreath to the gear garlands you have hung on the wall, your guests will have no doubt what the party is about. Blow up some balloons in the FIRST program colors to show your FIRST You could even make a robot cupcake stand. (But then you will probably have to commit to buying or making cupcakes, too. Mmm… Cupcakes.)
  4. Plan to pregame. Find an ice-breaker activity that works with your theme and helps people loosen up if they have never met before. We find the sillier — the better, so you don’t end up having this kind of awkward social interaction.
  5. Build a better serving station. Make sure you put the buffet table in a convenient place not far from the action but where your guests won’t miss a crucial plot point because someone needed to download some cookies into their stomach cache.
  6. Design a menu to fuel the team. Gear and sprocket cookies? Check. Watermelon bot? Why not? Package bags of micro chips (tortilla or potato). Party mix can be rebranded as nuts and bolts. Get creative (and silly) or go old-school and order enough pizza for the whole crew.
  7. Bring your robot! You can show off the skills and talk about your FIRST love with the guests you invited who haven’t been participating – yet.

Share pictures of your viewing parties by tagging the FIRST® Instagram account or Twitter account. Tune in for the next episode in the four-episode arc at 8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT on Mondays and be sure to mark your calendars for the Aug. 15 episode in particular.

* The Fosters is rated TV-14. Some material may not be suitable for younger viewers.