Awarded Ambassador - Dora

On June 13, 2016, Dora Pestotnik Stres of the Speedy Paws team in Slovenia, was appointed Junior Ambassador of UNICEF through her work in FIRST® LEGO® League competition this past season.

Throughout the TRASH TREKSM season, Dora and her team developed a solution that would help the children in underdeveloped and remote areas to understand how important it is for their future, that already they as kids start thinking about how to manage waste.

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Dora and the team designed a mini-book of stories about Gaia travelling places, fighting different types of waste. Kids can sing Gaia’s song praising joint efforts in keeping the Earth clean and play a game of RECYClego, using a small number of different-colored LEGO bricks. They learn to distinguish different sorts of trash through social interaction, increasing their balance and communication skills.

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The solution was designed so that all children around the world would be able to access it — even those living in crisis areas, refugee camps and suffered from a lack of school supplies. These kids are a crucial link for our and their own future.

Dora sought for help from UNICEF in joining forces for the distribution of material to kids around the world, in particular in the underdeveloped areas. She presented the team’s work to the Director of the Slovenian UNICEF, who decided to present the project at the meeting of directors in Geneva. He likes that young people like Dora engage to help their peers and younger children who are in need.

The team designed for accessibility for helping kids in remote and underdeveloped areas of the world through including it into the UNICEF project School in the Box. Currently, Dora, her team and their friends around the world have succeeded in translating the mini book already in over 20 different languages, including Russian, Chinese, Farsi and Arabic.

The accessibility of the solution is, in fact, twofold: Dora and her team wanted the children in the developed world to have access to the material via the website (alongside with a collection of solutions from 49 different countries) and wanted to provide the children in the developing world with access to the material, as well.

Team 2016

Dora and her team’s innovative Project achieved first-place among the projects from Slovenia. The Project was selected to represent Slovenia in the international competition, the Global Innovation Award, presented by XPRIZE®. The team also attended the World Festival in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. There, their Project was  also praised. Dora and the Speedy Paws team also contributed to the previous two seasons of FIRST LEGO League and always ranked among the awarded teams.

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After becoming Junior Ambassador of UNICEF, Dora continued with her work. With other ambassadors she created a campaign for a new project #EmergencyLessons and recorded a variety of movies.