In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to highlight a story about team innovation- one of the reasons why we love FIRST® LEGO® League!

FIRST LEGO League Team 16040, the Cambridge Christian School FIRST Lancer LEGObots, recently worked with the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL, USA to provide an enrichment activity for the zoo’s Sri Lankan Sloth Bear. Similar to enrichment activities for humans, animal enrichment activities provide exercise opportunities for our furry friends, along with a sense of purpose and comfort.

The specific activity the team came up with is called “Sloth Bear Soda,” in which the bear smells food that’s located in a bucket through a pipe (straw). The bear must then blow through the “straw” to move its food to a spot where it can suck it through the straw to eat it.

Check out the article the team’s local news station published about their innovation here:, and keep an eye out for a story about the team in the next FIRST newsletter!