FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. staff from FIRST® Headquarters in Manchester, NH, USA, traveled to visit our LEGO® Education counterparts in Billund, Denmark, this past March to work on upcoming seasons’ Challenges.

During the visit, we had the pleasure of visiting the International School of Billund (ISB). The school is one of 1,300 schools in the world that offer the Primary Years Programme. The program strives to nurture students’ independent learning skills, while also developing their academic, social, and emotional well-beings.

Head of School Camilla Uhre Fog gave FIRST and LEGO Education staff a tour of the facilities. The environment of the school is collaborative – kids and teachers are encouraged to learn together. The school challenges kids to explore and learn about the topics in which they’re interested.

As Ms. Fog explained, “When the children have a choice, they want to learn. We can’t stop them. If we have them early with that mindset, we can help shape them into innovative leaders.”

IBS kids

The artwork at the school is by and of ISB students

We’ll be seeing some of the school’s innovators at World Festival at the FIRST® Championship in April – the school will be sending a FIRST® LEGO® League team!

Classroom with Chellange Set

We spy a FIRST LEGO League table!

During our visit, we were excited to hear the spirit of our Core Values echoed in what Ms. Fog had to say about the school and its philosophy:

 “I don’t know either. Let’s find out. Let’s learn together.” 


Ms. Fog showing us displays of the school’s values and philosophy during our visit.