Teams will be diving into the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM  season on August 29th – we’re so excited to reveal this year’s water-themed Challenge with you!

Can’t handle the anticipation? Looking to kick off the season with a fun team-building activity? We’ve got a solution – guess this season’s Robot Game Missions to win a prize pack!


Photo courtesy of Droids Robotics

We know you won’t be able to see the Missions until August 29th at 12 noon ET – but we encourage you to be creative and have some fun guessing what they might be!

This is your Mission (for now!), should you choose to accept it:

  1. Get together as a team and think about what this year’s Challenge topic – water.
  2. Take a look at the Challenge Set (if your team has received it) and the Mission Model Building Instructions (which will be available on August 1st).
  3. Be creative – play, learn, and have FUN!

Next, share photos and/or a video of your guesses with us and the FIRST LEGO League Community!

We’ll collect submissions from one of your team’s Coaches via email at If you’re posting a video, please keep under 60 seconds, upload to YouTube, and email the link to us. 

The contest is now open! Get your submissions in by August 28th at 12 noon ET. We’ll announce the lucky winner in early September.

Good luck, and have fun! We can’t wait to see how close your guesses are to the HYDRO DYNAMICS Missions!