We know many teams have already embarked on their HYDRO DYNAMICSSM journey –   we hope you’re all enjoying the season so far!

Developing the annual FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge involves many hours, steps, and people. From meeting with Challenge Advisory Team members to making sure the Mission Models accurately represent the real-world Challenge theme, we try to make the Challenge the best it can be before it’s released to the community.

Once bright FIRST LEGO League minds begin working on the Challenge, we receive feedback and questions about the Robot Game and Project. This input is greatly appreciated, and we liken it to the engineering design process. We discuss and test ways to address these gaps within the Challenge, and then revise the Challenge as appropriate. These revisions are called Challenge Updates.

This week, we have a Project Update to share, which you can review here. We understand teams are hard at work on the Challenge, and we take the Challenge Updates very seriously. When new updates are published, we will let you know through team email blasts and Twitter.

Please bookmark the Challenge Updates page for quick access throughout the season.

If you have any questions about the Project or Robot Game after reviewing the Challenge and Challenge Updates, please send us an email:

Good luck this season – we can’t wait to see your team’s innovative solution, robot, and Coopertition® skills in action!