Hi!  My name is Randall Hicks and I’m one of the people who help design the FIRST® LEGO® League Project each season.  I’ve been volunteering for FIRST LEGO League since 2002, and have been working for FIRST® since January of 2017.  In addition to helping design the Challenge for both FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. and FIRST LEGO League, I also monitor the FIRST LEGO League Project support mailbox, and periodically, I post Project Challenge Updates.


One of my very first jobs was working for my local health department. I spent a great deal of time collecting water samples, inspecting water wells, and even designing septic systems.  So, I’m really excited about the remarkable feats that our FIRST LEGO League Jr. and FIRST LEGO League teams will accomplish this season!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing some extended resources for teams on the blog.  These posts will cover various topics about the human water cycle. We hope that these posts will assist you and your team with research, and help you develop an amazing solution!

Today’s extended resources will focus on two topics – where we get our water and what we use water for. Click on the links in the outline for the extended resources on each topic.

Where we get our water
A. Surface water
• Lakes
• Rivers
• Streams
• Runoff
• Reservoirs
B. Groundwater
• Aquifer
• Water wells
C. Rain
• Rain barrel
• Rain “catchment” (cistern)

What we use water for
A. In our Homes
• Drinking
• Flushing the toilet
• Cooking
• Washing our hands and bathing
• Brushing our teeth
• Washing our clothes and dishes
B. Outside of our Homes
• Growing food and farm animals (agriculture)
• Manufacturing
• Watering our yard
• Swimming and having fun (recreation)

We will dive into two more topics next week – see you then!