Hi Everyone! Welcome to week 2 of the HYDRO DYNAMICSSM Extended Resources Series. Last week, we discussed where we get water and what we use water for – you can find the post here if you missed it.

Today, we will focus on water quality.  Click on the links in the outlines below for detailed information about each topic.

III. What are some of the things that can make water unhealthy for humans?
a. Germs (bacteria and viruses)
b. Parasites
c. Chemicals (runoff / pollution from factories or farms)
d. Soil, leaves, or other natural things that make water too dirty to use

IV. How do we make sure that water is safe for us to drink?
a. Test the water
b. Drinking water treatment
1. Filter / remove harmful pollution
2. Add chemicals that kill germs

See you next week!