We love innovation, and we love fun holidays – so you can imagine our excitement about Kid Inventors’ Day, which is next Wednesday, January 17!

We’re proud to be a global community of innovators (33,000 teams this season and growing). Many great inventions have come from teams’ FIRST® LEGO® League Projects – so many that we created the Global Innovation Award in 2011 to celebrate teams’ solutions to real-world problems. We even have our own resident Innovation Ambassadors – Global Innovation Award Semi-Finalist teams who continue to pursue their inventions and share their spirit of innovation with the world.


Team Phoenix (one of our Innovation Ambassadors) runs monthly maker events to inspire other kids to create and innovate. 

Beyond the Global Innovation Award and the FIRST LEGO League season, we know many teams and students continue to work on their inventions. Though we try to learn about as many of these stories as we can, we aren’t always able to stay in the loop. So, we’re asking teams to share what they’re working on. Big or small, just a concept or already on the market, we want to hear from you! Share your update with a tweet (use #imakidinventor) or email to fll-media@firstinspires.org.

P.S. – looking for a little invention inspiration? Check out these 11 famous inventions – all created by kids!